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Waytronic Three product solutions

Focus on voice technology for 22 years

Voice Prompt Equipment
Elevator safety voice prompt
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Four series of products

Provide a more intelligent interactive experience

Voice Prompts Device

Voice alarm

Elevator Safety Voice

Warning light

Voice Advertising

Audible and visual alarm

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Production for safety·Focus on Protection

Exquisite products - raw materials and use of products meet your purchasing needs


Glass fiber PCB material and industrial level component guarantee product
High quality fiberglass PCB material, hard texture, high electrical performance; advanced design concept, high integration, ensuring stable product performance; good chip technology, production process, ensuring dual protection of performance and function, increasing service life by 50% or more.


IP53 protection grade | sun protection and weathering protection
The shell is made of cold pressed and forged steel, and the lamp shell is made of brand-new PC material, which has strong impact resistance, is not afraid of dust, is corrosion-resistant, waterproof and colorfast, and can also be used in occasions with poor installation environment.


High brightness LED wick | can adapt to harsh environment
High quality, high-power LED wick, high brightness, low power consumption, life up to 100000 hours, low visibility environment in mountainous areas and coal mines can also be applied.


Beautiful MP3 sound quality | 120 high decibel volume
It adopts horn type horn, equipped with 20W super power class D power amplifier, audio adopts MP3 format, playing sound quality is clear, sound is loud, far away from transmission.


Mp3 audio, OTP voice chip | free choice
It adopts the voice IC chip independently developed by the company, which supports spi-flash, TF card and U disk. It can store a large amount of memory, and can play WAV, wma and MP3 in high-quality audio format, with beautiful sound.


Multiple installation methods | convenient and practical
Various installation methods, including screw installation, wall installation, bracket installation, etc., can be selected according to the use situation, convenient installation, no need to worry。

20 years·Our requirements for quality have never changed

brand power

The company specializing in the research and development of acousto-optic warning technology in China, Aojiao brand of acousto-optic alarm industry, has an annual output of acousto-optic alarm, warning signal of up to one million units, and has a comprehensive acousto-optic alarm solution.

R & D strength

It has 20 + high-tech R & D talents, equipped with professional laboratories, including electrostatic testing, high and low temperature testing, drop testing, salt spray and ultraviolet (life) aging testing and other instruments and testing devices, and has a number of R & D patent certificates.

production ability

Independent production department, modern production line, annual production capacity of millions of sets, production process layer by layer control, in line with the international ISO9001 quality production system, the incoming inspection, production process, and finished product inspection layer by layer control, to ensure that customers can use at ease

Service strength

Many to one professional service, online service quick response, provide professional consultation, provide you with the most appropriate solution, from customer inquiry to after-sales service have professional service tracking, solve customer problems.

Truly record every cooperation

20 years of innovation rooted in multiple industries
Application of Talking First Ai

Application of Talking First Ai

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Voice prompt in open and close

Voice prompt in open and close

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Audio Introduction used in car

Audio Introduction used in car

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Scream Speaker,used in Haunted

Scream Speaker,used in Haunted

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Application of escalator safety

Application of escalator safety

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Voice prompter-an application t

Voice prompter-an application t

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PIR motion sensor voice player

PIR motion sensor voice player

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